Brescia Castle
up to 4 hours
No. of participants
- max 20
€ 190,00
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The tour includes a visit to the most important buildings of medieval Brescia: starting from Piazza Paolo VI, overlooked by the Broletto and the Rotonda or Old Cathedral; it continues towards the ancient Torre di Porta Bruciata with the astonishing church of San Faustino in Riposo. Walking along the ancient Corso delle Mercanzie, now Corso Goffredo Mameli, the beating heart of medieval commercial life, you will finally reach the mighty Torre della Pallata. The tour continues to discover the Castle, the so-called “Falcon of Italy”. An exciting walk through drawbridges, towers and tunnels, with breathtaking views of the city, will retrace the history of the mighty fortress, the scene of crucial episodes in the history of Brescia over the centuries.


Every group will be given 1 free ticket for the guide
Extras: Foreign language € 15,00 L’itinerario prevede un’ora di pausa.

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The route unfolds chronologically through the city’s main four squares: it starts from Piazza del Foro, which is overlooked by iconic monuments from ancient Brixia, such as the Capitolium, the city’s main temple. The tour continues in Piazza Paolo VI with the Romanesque cathedral, the so-called “Rotonda”, and the seventeenth-century Duomo Nuovo (New Cathedral). Next […]

Route – Renaissance City and “Luigi Marzoli” Arms and Armor Museum

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The tour includes stops at Brescia’s major Renaissance buildings: it starts from the splendid Piazza Loggia with the imposing Palazzo della Loggia, now the Town Hall, the Monte Vecchio di Pietà with its elegant Loggetta and lapidarium, the first “archaeological museum” with no historical precedent, and finally the tower with the large astronomical […]

“Luigi Marzoli” Arms and Armor Museum and outdoor tour of the fortifications

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A walk through the Castle up to the Arce, its top part, via descents, towers and tunnels, retraces the history of the mighty fortress, the scene of crucial episodes in the history of Brescia over the centuries. The route ends with a visit to the collection of antique weapons and armour housed in […]