From 26 May 2023 to 07 January 2024

The open-air exhibition offers a walk among Davide Rivalta's animalier sculptures within the green areas of the Falcone d'Italia. The Bolognese sculptor plays on the randomness of the encounter between humans and animals, evoking a distant and wild landscape, in contrast to the everydayness of living. The memory of the Zoological Garden, active near the fortified area between 1912 and 1988, will also be recalled. The exhibition will be a unique opportunity to admire never-before-seen sculptures, created especially for Brescia Castle.

Information and Reservations
Free entrance

The CUP – Single Reservation Centre answers Monday to Saturday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

The exhibition

Curated by: Davide Ferri

Promoted by: Municipality of Brescia, Fondazione Brescia Musei, Alleanza Cultura

With the contribution of: Ap Art Project, Fuocherello

In the framework of: Meccaniche della Meraviglia

Media Partner: Radio Number One

The exhibition aims to be a bridge between the beginning of Rivalta’s career and his current international success. The gorillas, the sculptor’s first series of animals, rise to symbolize his debut. Remodeled after two decades, the Castle’s new gorillas-along with orangutans, chimpanzees and baboons-will close the circle of his artistic evolution. The Castle, in this way, becomes the fortress of the great anthropomorphic apes. Each family will occupy a specific area of the park and take the viewer on a journey of exploration of the Castle.

The exhibition extends to the rooms of the Pinacoteca Tosio Martinengo where the tour ends with a bronze barn owl, which ideally acts as a counterpoint to the sculptures placed in the Castle park.


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The Artist

Davide Rivalta (Bologna, 1974) is an artist of international stature, whose works are housed in museums around the world and permanently exhibited in many Italian and European public spaces. Rivalta’s extraordinary work intends to foster an encounter between viewers and animals, portrayed in the uniqueness of their gestures. His work consists of three main elements: materials, animals and places. The material usually used by the artist is bronze, which lends a distinctive color to the sculptures. The works represent bodies of real animals, which Rivalta has encountered in captivity, thus uprooted from their natural environment. The space within which they are placed, however, is usually a landscape shaped by man, who wants to restore freedom and dignity to the animals.

Setting up