From 23 April 2022 to 05 June 2022

Protagonist of Chinese photography between the nineties and the new millennium, since the seventies Zeng Yi documents the face of China most hidden, perhaps forgotten by the great industrialization: that of the elderly and children, small rural villages, of humble and daily gestures. Portraits of a human condition that the Chinese photographer feels he has to tell, driven by a deep sense of responsibility and animated by a crystalline social ethic.

Information and Reservations
Start visits every hour and only by reservation with SMS or whatsapp at +39 351 8869151

Opening times

from 23 April to 15 May: Saturday and Sunday at 15 – 19

from 22 May to 16 October: Friday, Saturday and Sunday at 16-20

The exhibition

Curated by Ilaria Bignotti and Matteo Lorenzelli with Camilla Remondina

The photographic lens, scrutinizing and returning the faces of curious little inhabitants and old workers, craftsmen marked by fatigue and passing time, becomes the narrator of a humanity that, image after image, in over twenty portraits on display builds an unprecedented and touching narrative sequence of a China that resists beyond the spotlight of politics and economic opulence.

In these photographs emerges, in all its fullness of meaning, that human revolution that Zeng Yi was able, with sensitivity and perseverance, to implement in China, setting aside the magniloquency of political images and documenting over the decades the subtle and complex dynamics of an epochal transformation that often forgets how it may have affected the elderly and children. Their looks, without shouting, nail their eyes and ask each visitor to immerse themselves in a world only apparently distant, yet so empathically close to ours: that of childhood, which was for all, and old age, that all of us have in common and makes us inhabitants of a common destiny, made of small surprises and simple, fundamental desires.

In collaboration with Lorenzelli Arte.