Respectful behaviour must be observed in the museum and any behaviour which could damage the collections and endanger others people’s health and safety must be avoided.

It is therefore strictly forbidden to:

  • Run and talk loudly;
  • Wear clothes that are inappropriate for the museum (such as swimming costumes, skimpy outfits, etc.), as well as being bare-chested or barefoot;
  • Touch or lean on artworks, display cases and exhibition panels;
  • Smoke, including electronic cigarettes;
  • Abandon wrappers, cans, bottles, or other types of waste, anywhere but in the designated bins;
  • Bring animals, with the exception of guide dogs for the blind;
  • Enter with bikes or motorbikes;
  • Consume drinks or food, except in areas where this is expressly permitted. Bringing and consuming alcoholic beverages is prohibited in all museums at all times.

It is absolutely forbidden to bring in any kind of firearm and/or dangerous material and, for safety reasons, to enter with covered faces, excluding the use of protective face masks.

The use of mobile telephones is permitted in all museums, provided that the ring tone is muted.

In the event of inappropriate behaviour, the Fondazione Brescia Musei has the right to warn offenders and, in the event of persistent prohibited behaviour, to have the offenders removed in accordance with the timing and procedures provided for by current safety regulations. The Management reserves the right to take all appropriate courses of action and measures, including legal action.

In the event of damage to the works on display, the Fondazione Brescia Musei will apply the penalties laid out by the laws in force.