Edited by Luigi Maria Di Corato

Silvana Editoriale

Brixia Contemporary, the project developed by Fondazione Brescia Musei and Municipality of Brescia to connect contemporary art with the urban spaces of the city, inaugurates its first edition with 76 creations by Mimmo Paladino.

Over 70 works by Mimmo Paladino have enlivened the historic centre of Brescia and its excellent museums – the Parco Archeologico and the Museo di Santa Giulia on the UNESCO World Heritage list since 2011 –, offering an artistic journey that invites one to admire both ancient splendours and new forms with renewed amazement.

The works of Paladino are imposing presences that are simultaneously discrete, bringing about a new awareness of the spaces in which they stand.
This volume, thanks to the photographs by Ferdinando Scianna and the poems by Aldo Nove, offers testimony of this new experience for the city with which the Brixia Contemporary project was launched.

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