Friends of the Brescia Photo Festival

In 2021, the businesses in the centre of Brescia became Friends of the Brescia Photo Festival, providing mutual advertising for one another.

The activity of the Friends of the BPF

From 26 March to 18 July 2021, the Brescia Photo Festival, now in its fourth edition, took place.

The theme for 2021, Heritage, was connected to the celebrations for the Winged Victory’s return to Brescia, which is one of the most extraordinary bronze statues from the Roman era, a symbol of the city’s cultural history and a part of its identity, after two years of restoration by the Opificio delle Pietre Dure of Florence.

In addition to the exhibitions, this year’s Photo Festival also featured talks with artists, workshops, concerts, film screenings and, of course, guided tours.

Libraries and private art galleries were involved, and off-festival projects were also underway. The aim for this edition was to involve the world of bookshops – especially in the city centre – but also to take a step “outside” the places canonically recognized as “spaces of culture”. Bars, restaurants, clothing shops, pharmacies, perfumeries: all of them were able to join the Friends of the BPF, creating content in line with the themes of the festival in their business, becoming an active player in the activities for the festival’s publicity, and enjoying some exclusive benefits.

Decals, posters, postcards, a dedicated section on the official BPF website, insertion in the press kit and the implementation of a cross-promotion for Friends’ clients and BPF visitors were made available: entrance with a standard reduced ticket to the BPF exhibitions hosted at the Santa Giulia Museum for Friends’ clients and, for the other party, the possibility for Friends of a discount for all visitors in possession of tickets to the exhibitions.

Circolo Vela Gargnano

In 2021, Circolo Vela di Gargnano collaborated with Brescia to unite sport and culture through a series of cross-promotions.

On the lake with the wings of the Winged Victory

With the 2021 summer season, the Municipality of Brescia, the Fondazione Brescia Musei and the Circolo Vela di Gargnano began a fruitful collaboration, with the intention of symbolically uniting sport and culture, thanks to a series of cross-marketing initiatives concerning various activities dedicated to Brescia’s Winged Victory.

Starting from the Italian Dolphin Championship (10-13 June 2021), the 25 or so competing boats have been fitted with personalized sails featuring the now widely recognisable “wings of the Winged Victory”, the work of designer Paolo Tassari of the Tassinari/Vetta studio, which handled the visual identity and communication of the entire project.

From Monday 14 June on, and for the whole summer until September 2021, the symbol of the Winged Victory continued to play a major role in the Non solo Vela Summer Camp, the summer recreational activity organized by the Circolo Vela of Gargnano for children aged 6 to 11. In addition to the personalized Winged Victory participation kit, each child also received free access to Brixia – Brescia Roman Archaeological Park, where you can admire the extraordinary statue and the beauty of the Roman remains of the entire archaeological park with your own eyes.

Similarly, thanks to the Circolo Vela of Gargnano, children taking part in the Fondazione Brescia Musei Summer Camps will be able to compete for the chance to attend the Non solo Vela Summer Camp in Gargnano for a week.

Also at the Trofeo Centrale del Latte competition for the Feva class (double handed dinghies for youngsters), held on 26 and 27 June 2021, 50 crews from all over Italy competed accompanied by the Winged Victory brand, which was the star not only of the merchandising linked to the event, but also of the trophy destined for the winner. Again, each participant was entitled to free entrance to the Archaeological Park.

Finally, the Centomiglia 2021 was officially presented at the Santa Giulia Museum on 20 July, the anniversary of the discovery of the Winged Victory (20 July 1826). A special edition thanks to this successful and highly symbolic collaboration, which has brought together the worlds of sport and culture.

HB Hotels

In 2021, HB Hotels launched a cross-marketing partnership with Fondazione Brescia Musei.

HB Hotels: culture as added value

The cross-marketing venture with one of the city’s most important groups operating in the hotel industry was launched in 2021, on the wave of a strong desire to strengthen the Foundation’s relations with the main players in the area.

The HB Hotels group, with 3 to 5 star hotels located in the most strategic business and tourist locations in the city and province, is offering its guests a range of exclusive cultural services organized in collaboration with our Foundation.

Museum admissions, film screenings, shows, special events, cultural previews and much more are being purchased by the hotels on a fast track and with a special price guarantee, and made available as exclusive benefits for their guests.

In return, the group’s facilities provide important communication spaces dedicated to the Foundation’s cultural projects in common areas and hotel rooms, as well as on the institutional website dedicated to booking services.

HUB Vaccinale

Pro Brixia and ASST degli Spedali Civili in 2021 chose an activity to enhance the city’s culture, which was carried out at one of the largest vaccine hubs in Europe, the Fiera di Brescia Vaccine Hub.

The Winged Victory of Brescia: from the culture of care to the care of culture

The Special Agency Pro Brixia with the Brescia Chamber of Commerce, the ASST degli Spedali Civili and the Fondazione Brescia Musei, with the collaboration of Brescia City Council, have initiated a new project to promote the city’s culture, carried out at the Fiera di Brescia Vaccine Hub.

The project involved decorating some of the public areas in the vaccination centre and creating a narrative, accessible by users through their mobile devices (smartphones or tablets), with the aim of accompanying citizens through the vaccination experience.

The idea of supporting, accompanying and improving people’s wellbeing through knowledge of the artistic adventure of the Winged Victory naturally complements the health needs of the Vaccine Hub. A route for registration, anamnesis, vaccine administration and post-administration check-up was designed and implemented. This route features a few moments of waiting, during which users are stationed at a distance. This is where the integration between the wall billboards, where the large graphical applications created by our partner Gruppo Italtelo, which offered its services as Technical Sponsor of the event, are located, and the QR Codes on the floor that link to our portal dedicated to the Winged Victory.

While waiting for their anamnesis interview, users were able to view the emotional video Il volo della Vittoria (The Flight of the Winged Victory), by SMK Factory, which tells the story of the last two years of the statue’s restoration and relocation to the Capitolium. Before receiving the injection, it was possible – by using another QR code – to learn more about the artistic qualities of this artefact and the new installation, with photographs by Alessandra Chemollo. In the period following the vaccine, those who wish to do so can plan their visit to Brixia –  Roman Archaeological Park of Brescia and, by registering for the Fondazione Brescia Musei, benefit from reduced tickets.

Radio Taxi Brixia

In 2021, Radio Taxi Brixia entered into a cross-marketing partnership with Fondazione Brescia Musei.

Radio Taxi Brescia: choose your taxi to go to the museum!

This cross-marketing agreement with the city’s taxi service company was launched in 2021, on the wave of a determination to strengthen the Foundation’s relations with the main players in the area. 

Since 1970, the Radio Taxi service of the Municipality of Brescia has been provided by the Cooperativa Radio Taxi Brixia. It is the only company operating in the local area with management and coordination functions for the public service from squares in the city of Brescia.

The company was established in 1970 in the form of a cooperative and currently has 100 members, all licensed taxi service operators in the city of Brescia.

In exchange for the provision of important advertising space dedicated to the Foundation’s cultural projects on the vehicles and media managed by the cooperative, Fondazione Brescia Musei is offering all those who reach the museums by taxi the opportunity to enter at a reduced rate.