Alleanza Cultura

A community of supporters, a model for the open and participatory management of the cultural offering, with a view towards sustainability.

Membership Desiderio

A membership programme for small companies, clubs, wealthy individuals and professionals (professional orders, notary firms, lawfirms, certified accountants, etc.) who wish to contribute to the activities of the Fondazione Brescia Musei in an alternative and complementary way to the Alleanza per la Cultura.

Desiderio Card

Sponsors of individual projects

Patronage in support of our cultural heritage has increased in recent years, improving the social positioning of companies and their and relationships with neighbouring stakeholders.



Art Bonus

The Art Bonus offers a tax credit of 65% of the amount donated to those who make donations in support of Italy’s public cultural heritage.

Pursuant to Article 1 of Italian Decree-Law no. 83 of 31/05/2014, “Urgent provisions for the protection of cultural heritage, the development of culture and the revitalization of tourism”, converted with amendments into Law no. 106 of 29/07/2014 and subsequent amendments and additions, a tax credit has been introduced for cash donations to support culture and entertainment, the so-called Art Bonus. The Art Bonus, supporting patronage of cultural heritage.


Sponsorship Case History

In recent years, many companies have crossed the path of the Foundation and its projects. Let us tell you some of their stories.