More than 30 companies work together to support Brescia’s civic museums and their activities.

Fondazione Brescia Musei


Thanks to the efforts of our Foundation, a new fundraising model has been created in Brescia which, through an agreement between the public and private sectors, within a medium to long-term time horizon, will make it possible to promote the city’s artistic heritage and support major cultural communication events. This innovative project is called “Alleanza per la Cultura” (Alliance for Culture) and embodies an original strategy and management model that have all the makings of become a best practice in the Italian museum scene. In 2021, the project was awarded the “Networking in Arts” special mention in the eighth edition of the prestigious “cultura + impresa” contest.

A strong pluri-annual planning

The first pillar of the operation is a solid three-year business plan, around which the stakeholder interest has been focused. A targeted and continuous mapping operation of the companies is underway, based on a precise analysis of the possible lines of interest that each of them may have within the fields of art and culture.

Innovative Format

The membership format is based on the idea that expenses related to the ordinary activities and operation of the museums are guaranteed by the concession in place between the Municipality and the Foundation, while the Alleanza Cultura Partners contribute to extraordinary activities and the organisation of special initiatives, as well as to the transformation of the museum sites.

The cornerstones of Alleanza Cultura

The co-founding Partners of Fondazione Brescia Musei, who have guaranteed an extraordinary contribution over three years on specific objectives; the three cornerstones around which the Alliance revolves: the Board of Institutional Partners, i.e. organizations, foundations, educational and research institutions, representative associations, dedicated to the territory’s economic and infrastructural development; a large group of companies that have understood the spirit of the project and have approved its support.

Relationship with the Local Area

The project is based on a strong sense of belonging to the history of Brescia culture and the desire to strengthen relations with the community even more than in the past. The contribution from businesses in this sector is nothing new in itself, but the strength of the Alleanza Cultura has convinced many stakeholders to take to the field, making investment in culture a part of the company’s social commitments.

Active participation

Another central element of the project is active participation in the city’s museum life. Alleanza Cultura partners are given priority for participation in all programme events, and become programme leaders themselves, organizing networking initiatives with their own networks.

According to this participatory model,” explains President Francesca Bazoli, “a new business culture is being created in support of the Foundation’s mission, whose strategic objectives will be developed with annual programmes involving all the exhibition venues and shifting the focus from one-off events to a series of projects which are all interconnected, with a truly editorial approach, keeping the flow of attention and image value consistent.” “The path,” concludes Director Karadjov, “is by its very definition open and inclusive with respect to the community, which is why the Foundation hopes that in the future other partners can take part under the aegis of a pact aimed at the development of Brescia art and culture.

Join the Alleanza Cultura

The payment of a set membership fee for at least 3 years includes the sponsorship fee to allow access to the benefits of representation, participation and activities.


Sponsorships are expenses that can be categorized as publicity and communication expenses, as they are characterized by the existence of a reciprocal relationship on the basis of which the sponsor undertakes to provide a benefit in cash or in kind and the sponsored party (Sponsee) undertakes to publicize the product, the services, the brand and the activity carried out by the sponsor.  These expenses may, in some cases, be deductible.

Contribution Tiers

  • First tier membership or Main Donorship
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  • Third tier membership   

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