The basic idea for those who want to opt into this form of membership is that of belonging, of truly supporting the main cultural agency in the area, while at the same time receiving concrete advantages.
There is no exposure for the company’s commercial logo, but there is a thank-you mention in all colophons (on museum and editorial products) which feature all the names of the companies with the “Membership Desiderio .”

How to apply for the Membership Desiderio

The Fondazione Brescia Musei offers 2 membership tiers of one-year duration, of course renewable, thanks to which – among other benefits – you receive a number of Desiderio Membership Cards proportional to your contribution. Having a Desiderio Card means having a real pass to enjoy many of the advantages of our initiatives, both for individual holders (for each membership tier the cards are 50% nominal and 50% guest, so that they can be used for more than one user) and for companies, which can enjoy a fast track (discounts, etc.) on the rental of our spaces for their own company meetings, parties or training events.

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