WESTON. Edward, Brett, Cole, Cara. A Dynasty of photographers

The exhibition

Curated by Filippo Maggia

Produced by Fondazione Brescia Musei and by Skira

Designed in close synergy with the Weston family

The exhibition, far from being considered a family portrait by works, is configured as a tale of artistic experiences that spans over a century of photography, history and images of a world in constant change.
The exhibition, installed at the Museum of Santa Giulia, presents 80 works by the four photographers40 by Edward alone, including the major masterpieces: from plastic portraits to nudes that enhance shapes and volumes, sand dunes, objects transformed into sculptures, even the famous vegetables – peppers, artichokes, cabbages – and shells shot from very close range.
Often directly compared to painting and sculpture, Edward Weston‘s photography is the expression of an obstinate search for purity, in compositional forms as well as in the almost maniacal perfection of the image. The author investigates objects in their quintessence, electing them to visual metaphors of the very elements of nature.