The Museum and School programme that includes all the learning activities promoted by the Learning Services and dedicated to schools of all levels.
These activities include workshops, thematic itineraries, dramatized guided tours, intercultural narratives, immersive itineraries, interactive lessons, remote-workshops and guided tours.
Download the complete 2021–2022 Museum and School leaflet.


Young Museum viewers can start building their connection to historical and artistic heritage through activities ranging from self-description to learning about artistic practices and facts, encouraging relationships, autonomy, creativity and learning processes.

Primary School

The Museum allows its young visitors to explore the concept of time and timeline, establishing a dialogue with the world through an Intercultural experience, developing the expressive and descriptive potential of the arts by promoting personality development.

Middle School

In the Museum students can explore different historical periods in relation to cultural tradition and contemporary social and scientific evolution. Historical periods are used as a starting point for of historical, artistic and social analysis.

High School

The museum provides students with cultural and methodological tools for a thorough understanding of contemporary reality through history and its records, encouraging a creative, proactive and critical attitude.