Become an integral part of our heritage campaign and help preserve cultural assets. Make a donation, a gesture you can perform in the present to ensure a future of beauty and growth for your city.

Supporting our museums today is practically as easy as describing it. The Fondazione Brescia Musei has created a system of financial support for activities and venues which allows everyone, according to their own means, to make an active contribution to the life of the museum. This can be by providing financial support directly and/or by offering to help out in the many exhibition and conservation activities which are part of the day-to-day life of our museums. In particular, there are two ways in which you can become a part of our supporters’ network:


Anyone who would like to make a concrete financial contribution to the activities of our museums can now choose the solution they prefer in the Foundation’s new fundraising system.


Everyone can choose to make a contribution, however large or small, to support our museum network. You can donate funds for the works in the collection, support a restoration project, donate your 5×1000 or make a financial contribution with a bequest.

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