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Today, businesses can create economic value through a strategic and positive relationship with the arts. By understanding how to take advantage of the unique opportunity offered by the presence of the arts and museums in the daily lives of so many people, businesses can use culture to heighten their visibility, selecting those forms of art that are more in tune with the type of public they wish to reach.

Co-marketing collaborations

Cross-Marketing and Cross-Communication collaborations are marketing and communication strategies which, in a wide-ranging way, make use of means provided by a Partner that are not usually available to a Cultural Enterprise. These means help both the Partner and the Cultural Enterprise to reach a target audience they do not normally reach by their standard channels.
In this way, the partner can convey its brand to the audience of the cultural project.  The concepts of cross-marketing and cross-communication are therefore based on the partners combining force in a mutually beneficial way, allowing both of them to convey their product to audiences that traditional communication and marketing campaigns would not normally reach.

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