The Foundation has become a leading example in Italy when it comes to the management and promotion of a city’s artistic and monumental heritage.

Fondazione Brescia Musei is in charge of adding to, preserving and exhibiting the assets belonging to the museum collections, while promoting awareness and understanding of them. The growth of the collections is achieved through the purchase of works available on the market, or through the donation or long-term loan of privately owned works. Conservation is accomplished through restoration projects and the implementation of scheduled maintenance campaigns, which are carried out daily on installations and structures. The promotion of awareness and understanding is carried out through research activities, through the rich and varied range of educational services aimed at various audiences, through the organization of temporary exhibition events and through the management of loans to exhibitions organized by third parties.

Cultural Assets

Fondazione Brescia Musei handles a complex and compelling museum system consisting of:


Brescia Musei, which was originally set up as a company limited by shares (S.p.A.) in 2003 by the Municipality of Brescia–the majority shareholder–Fondazione CAB, Fondazione ASM and the Chamber of Commerce, became a participatory foundation in order to provide continuity in the management of the innovative public-private partnership that has made the progressive development of Brescia as a city of art possible through extensive cultural and exhibition programming. Therefore, with a ruling dated 26 January 2007, the Prefecture of Brescia ordered the recognition of Fondazione Brescia Musei and its entry on the Register of Legal Persons under no. 300.

Governing Board

  • Francesca Bazoli, Presidente
  • Bruno Barzellotti
  • Silvano Franzoni
  • Italo Folonari
  • Umberta Gnutti
  • Roberto Saccone
  • Felice Scalvini

Board of Auditors

  • Luisa Anselmi, Presidente
  • Giovanbattista Colangelo
  • Francesco Fortina

Scientific Committee

  • Marcello Barbanera
  • Gabriella Belli
  • Guido Beltramini
  • Nicola Berlucchi
  • Emanuala Daffra
  • Alberto Garlandin
  • Paola Marin
  • Massimo Osanna
  • Claudio Salsi
  • Valerio Terraroli

General Board

  • Francesca Bazoli, President
  • Representative of the Brescia municipal administration appointed for each meeting by the Hon. Mayor Laura Castelletti
  • Valentina Stefani
    per Fondazione ASM

Transparent Foundation

The “Transparent Foundation” section publishes the information required by Italian Legislative Decree no. 33 of 14 March 2013 – as recently amended by Legislative Decree no. 97 of 25.05.2016