Plan your museum party with our programmes

A special event deserves a special atmosphere and a unique location. You can share the joy of birthdays or other important occasions by offering the gift of culture to your loved ones and friends. Entertain your guests with an unforgettable, original, entertaining and educational experience at one of Brescia’s civic museums.

Where? The spaces of the Santa Giulia Cafeteria and the space of the Tosio Martinengo Picture Gallery are available.

The package includes: tickets for visiting the museum spaces, rental of the space (including 2 attendants for the museum tour) and the choice of the agreed cultural programme based on the proposals linked to the chosen museum location (up to a maximum of 2 operators).

Santa Giulia Museum Cultural Programme

  • Standard guided tour of a selection of works/sites in the Museum
  • Treasure hunt
  • Historical re-enactment with the abbess
  • Escape Room

Pinacoteca Tosio Martinengo Cultural Programme

  • Standard guided tour to the masterpieces of the collection
  • Historical re-enactment with Paolina Tosio
  • Discoveries, Oddities and Secrets

Price: €900 VAT 22% included

For how many people? A maximum of 50/60 people

Duration of cultural programme: Approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes

What is not included One person for the event space for the duration of set-up, party and dismantling, one person for museum security during the event (from 18:00 onwards until the end of the event, or any time slot on Monday)

To find out more about the different programmes and the possibility of opting for just the tour without renting the space, see these pages

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