From 31 March 2022 to 15 May 2022

The exhibition proposes a series of photographs by Sandro Becchetti, one of the most prestigious references of the cultural pages of the Italian press, realized in almost a decade of collaborations with the Roman newspaper "Il Messaggero".

The exhibition

Curated by Renato Corsini and Gerardo Martorelli

“Those familiar faces, often famous in the world, constitute the fundamental nucleus of my gallery” Becchetti used to say. A gallery that included writers, directors, actors, artists, intellectuals and protagonists of the news.

Sandro Becchetti, a cultured and committed man, photojournalist animated by the desire to document and also to denounce, interpreter of a vision often critical of the photographic “truth”, discovered another side of his work. Instead of describing events he found himself recounting people, men and women who through his objective and his ability to read them were returned in a different light, that of a truth hidden behind a smile, a grimace or simply a look.