A multifaceted itinerary, complemented by specific materials, dedicated to the blind and visually impaired but also to visitors interested in rediscovering works of art through multi-sensory perceptive experiences.
Santa Giulia Museum

Potrebbero interessarti

Twentieth-century protagonists

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Activities dedicated to guests from Nursing Homes, in the form of meetings in which the works of art become a tool inspiring memories and personal stories that together may create a great choral story.

From history to my story

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A project dedicated to members of therapeutic communities and day centres for psychiatric rehabilitation, to lead participants, through stimulating paths and activities, to the knowledge of the history of the city, recognising themselves as part of it.

Using sign language

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The Museums of Brescia offer guided tours for deaf and deaf-mute visitors, conducted by a qualified Italian Sign Language (LIS) interpreter with art-history training.