Edited by Fondazione Brescia Musei

Published by Fondazione Brescia Musei

Corridoio Unesco is a popular booklet that summarizes within it information of historical and artistic interest related to the heritage of Brescia’s Civic Museums

Corridoio Unesco is a divulgative booklet that summarises within it information of historical and artistic interest concerning the areas of the Museum of Santa Giulia and Brixia Roman archaeological area, already UNESCO sites since 2011, as well as heritage of the Brescia Civic Museums. Inside there are several sections, in Italian and English, accompanied by comprehensive images.

The Unesco Corridor, the subject of the publication of the same name, is a pedestrian route, open free to the public, that connects the Capitolium area to the monumental complex of Santa Giulia, creating a new pedestrian domain capable of revitalising the entire city. A kilometre of archaeology, art and culture, along 2500 years of history.

Within the booklet, the following areas are proposed: Brixia Roman archaeological area, the Roman Theatre, the Museum of Santa Giulia, the Cloister of San Salvatore and the Viridarium – Sculpture Park. The images accompanying the textual explanations are designed to accompany the visitor along the tour.

The booklet is available in digital format.